Craig Rohlas offers a one page guitar lesson revealing one pattern that teaches how to play in most all scales and modes.

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In 32 years of playing guitar, I have discovered one pattern that if you know it, you can play in most all scales and modes. The pattern breaks the guitar neck into sections or positions that interlock all the way up the neck of the guitar. It lets you use the full neck of the guitar when you play in a scale or mode. All these scales and modes are derived from the one pattern that is all you need to know.

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"God blessed George Washington...
Ol' George knew what was right...
He freed us from big government...
And met taxes with might...
With God he fought 13 battles...
He battled the forces of night."

A sample of my poem/lyric "Here in America"

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Current news and new items

Feb 2010 - Craig and Polly Ann Rohlas were married.

May 2011 - Finished recording "Party Time" in garage studio.

A one page guitar lesson that reveals one pattern that unlocks many scales and modes, and a Poem/Lyric Book about what's coming and the prophecies and armegeddon, and the metal band page for lightmetal songs like "Party Time".

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